The Death Conference: Creative Responses to Death and Dying

The 2018 Death Conference at BGU, an event which is now in its second year, will again engage with creative responses to death and dying. This year the focus is on the business of death. The event is a prelude to Dying Matters Awareness Week (14-20 May 2018), culminating in a Death Café, organised by St Barnabas Hospice Lincoln on the Sunday.

Building on the success of the 2017 Death Conference, the second conference will bring together speakers from Archaeology (Martin Huggon) and Literature (Sibylle Erle) as well as Palliative Care (Lisa Gibson) and Funeral Directing (Frances Glover) There will be plenty of time for reflection and conversation. The conference will have two workshops, led by a creative writer (Lizzie Godwin) and a visual artist (Charlotte Jane Kessler), as well as guided tour of Lincoln Cathedral’s tombs. There will be a film on the Friday night and a concert (Jonathan Gooing, piano, and Clare Wheat, soprano) in BGU’s Chapel on Saturday evening.

The event is open to BGU staff and students as well as members of the public. Invited are those who are interested in talking about death and dying.

It would be really helpful, if you – when you register – could give some indication of your reason to participate in the event, so that we can meet your needs. Counsellors will be on site.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the conference organiser via

Sibylle Erle and Peter Green


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